ShiNeaL's Simplacity is a 16x simplistic / plastic resource pack. It has been in the making for 4 years now, and has changed so many times since.

Published: Dec 25th, 2020 (12-25-2020)

Last updated: July 10th, 2023 (7-10-2020)

Downloads: ~40,000


"ShiNeaL's Simplastic Pack is a pack of textures as its simple name suggests with a resolution of 16x with a soft or plastic style with very marked edges in all its blocks as well as keeping the original colors to preserve its style." - Random Site I Found #1

"With this pack, all the blocks in the game will become simple and smooth. Their textures will look as simple as possible, but easily recognizable and not devoid of detail. If you want to see simple, but not too simple, textures in the game, then this resource pack is perfect for you!" - Random Site I Found #2

"This pack is like a king-size chocolate bar. If you don't like it, there's something wrong with you" - NeaLw64

"Perfect for those who want a mix of simplicity, plastic, and default textures!" - TheGlichedRobin