Made resource packs to be published on the official marketplace

Made their icons, covers, watermarks, and more for their YT and Discord!


(On Steam, App Store & Google Play)

Made the skin named "Albus" for the wizard character which is currently one of the most expensive wizard skins!

Interviewed by a popular artist named Nitgo In Nitgo News Ep. 31

Featured by YouTubers

(40+ features on YT, 150k+ subs on YT)

Had many packs reviewed by YouTubers, many of which are over 100k+ subs, some even being above 150k+ subs!

I have made many packs over the years, some of which reaching over 15k downloads on a singular pack. Overall, I've accumulated around 69k total downloads!

Wondering what I have worked on? I've done quite a lot over the years! Here's a few of em:

  • Icons, covers, watermarks, and more for Zediaph and their Discord server (A 215k+ sub YouTuber with a 19.3k+ member Discord server)

  • Resource packs for CubeCraft (Verified Minecraft server & Partnered Discord server with around 69k members)

  • Made characters in a gamed called OneBit Adventure which is in the app store and soon to be on Steam

  • Interviewed by a popular artist named Nitgo In Nitgo News Ep. 31 (A PMC member with 1,500+ subs)

  • Had packs reviewed by 100k+ sub YouTube channels

  • Partnered with multiple popular creators

  • Made packs that get over 15k downloads

Not too sure, these are just some that I can think of off the top o my head!