Made resource packs to be published on the official marketplace

Made their icons, covers, watermarks, and more for their YT and Discord!


Made the skin named "Albus" for the wizard character which is currently one of the most expensive wizard skins!

Interviewed by a popular artist named Nitgo In Nitgo News Ep. 31

Featured by YouTubers

(40+ features on YT, 150k+ subs on YT)

Had many packs reviewed by YouTubers, many of which are over 100k+ subs, some even being above 150k+ subs!

I have made many packs over the years, some of which reaching over 15k downloads on a singular pack. Overall, I've accumulated around 69k total downloads!

Wondering what I have worked on? I've done quite a lot over the years! Here's a few of em:

  • Icons, covers, watermarks, and more for Zediaph and their Discord server (A 215k+ sub YouTuber with a 19.3k+ member Discord server)

  • Resource packs for CubeCraft (Verified Minecraft server & Partnered Discord server with around 69k members)

  • Made characters in a gamed called OneBit Adventure which is in the app store and soon to be on Steam

  • Interviewed by a popular artist named Nitgo In Nitgo News Ep. 31 (A PMC member with 1,500+ subs)

  • Had packs reviewed by 100k+ sub YouTube channels

  • Partnered with multiple popular creators

  • Made packs that get over 15k downloads

Not too sure, these are just some that I can think of off the top o my head!