Shiny is the owner and founder of ShiNeaL Studios, starting back in 2019. He usually works on the group's Minecraft packs, but he also helps with Minecraft mods and Discord bots.

NeaL is the founder of ShiNeaL Studios, starting back in 2019. He started working on ShiNeaL's Simplacity along with some other works, but has since retired from the workspace to concentrate on his upcoming game, COLLΔPSE.

Cyber is our head artists, making most of the art alongside Shiny. Cyber is usually in charge of most pack-related decisions, handling how things are taken over.

Glitched is the head of mods, coding and making sure everything is going to plan. He keeps all the mods up and going, as well as managing our media pages alongside Shiny.

6 is our lead Discord bot coder, making the complicated parts of our bots. He also fixes the constant amount of bugs Shiny tends to unleash.

Kemiu is one of our devs, usually making the larger art pieces for our mods. One of their most appreciated pieces would be Prehistoric Expansion, creating the models and art for the mobs of the mod.